Theater de Kunsthut – Two plays by David Tristram “Peas”& “Late Entry” and a comedy variety show “The Last Laugh”

02-04-2020, 20:00u -22:00u , MOOOF - Theater de Kunsthut

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First half: Two short plays by David Tristram

For our Spring Production we’ll be staging two short plays and a varied pot-pourri of other material at Theater De Kunsthut. There’ll be four performances on 2, 3 and 4 April 2020. In the first half, we’ll have the pleasure of enjoying two plays by David Tristram: “Peas”, a dating agency disaster, directed by John Kearey; and“Late Entry”, a hilarious but moving look at what underlies a disastrous drama festival performance, directed by Julia Wright.

Second half: Comedy variety show

For the second half of the Spring Production, we are excited to announce: “The Last Laugh”, a one-hour comedy variety show, (partially) written and (sort of) directed by A. Rose.
If you liked The Spotlight, you’ll love The Last Laugh. Featuring one full hour of original sketches, quirky comedy bits and ever-so-slightly risqué musical numbers, this show is all about bringing you the very best of the AATG’s talent and humor. So come join us for an evening that’s sure to be good till – you guessed it – the last laugh!