Ellister van der Molen

Geplaatst in Muziek


I was born March 1st, 1977 into a music loving family. Encouraged at a young age to make a career in music, I attended the Young Talent department from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and won several prizes on Classical music competitions. Growing up surrounded by jazz music, it was not a big step to switch to jazz. As a jazz student I had lessons with – in no particular order – Jarmo Hoogendijk, Ack van Rooijen, Eric Vloeimans, Ruud Breuls and Jan Oosthof. Since my graduation in 2000, I have been working as a free lance musician, playing in a diversity of music styles. Varying from music from the thirty’s to modern jazz styles, to hip and groovy rhythms and salsa music.The NSJF put it as follows: