Emese Jeszenői

Geplaatst in Muziek

My name is Emese Jeszenői, living and working in The Hague, The
Netherlands. I was born in Hungary in 1993. I graduated from the
Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest where I earned my
Master degrees in classical music performance and in music
education. After finishing my degrees in Hungary, I moved to The
Hague to begin my Baroque and Classical violin studies at the
Royal Conservatory in the class of Kati Debretzeni and Walter
Reiter. Besides of being a performer, I started my teaching career in
2017 which I do with great pleasure and inspiration. Currently I
give private lessons but my dream – besides performing – is to
evolve a music school with fellow colleagues. I am happy to become
a member of the Mooof community and hoping for future
collaborations with artist within and outside of my field.