Estelle photography

Geplaatst in Overig

It is not easy to describe yourself without being boring.
So let’s keep it simple: My name is Estelle, I am French, the happy mother of 4 kids (well happy most of the time) and passionate about photography.
For many years I worked as a nurse. In 2011 my life took a new direction. I got the chance to go deeper into my hobby and graduated from the French Institute of Photography in Paris. Since then my passion has become my job!
The mum of a good friend describes me as a “Professional Amateur Photographer”. This is exactly me!
I have a sentimental approach to photography : when I meet a family or a baby I try to know who they are, how they live, what little habits they have, what makes them unique…
This is what I like to capture , WHO YOU ARE!
So please come and meet me in the most simple way, just the way you are!