Olaf van Hees Pianoforte Restauratie & Andrew Hallock Music

I am a specialist in restoration of square fortepianos, especially Dutch square fortepianos. In the end of the 18th. and the first half of the 19th. Century the high quality of the Dutch square pianos often surpassed the English and French squares, as instrument and in sound. Whether it concerns your own instrument that you want to be restored, or a square piano from my collection, I garantee you the real sound of the period where it came from.


STET – Stichting The English Theatre

To stimulate and provide high-quality professional English language theatre in the Netherlands. Our theatre is based in the very international city of The Hague and its surrounding area with interesting locations and venues.


Giezen Pianoservice

Laat uw piano weer mooi klinken. Wij stemmen, repareren, reviseren en restaureren piano’s en vleugels.


MBM Atelier

MBM Atelier biedt naailessen en workshops, kleding op maat en productie van kleding voor andere bedrijven aan.