Emese Jeszenői

My name is Emese Jeszenői, living and working in The Hague, The
Netherlands. I was born in Hungary in 1993. I graduated from the
Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest where I earned my
Master degrees in classical music performance and in music
education. After finishing my degrees in Hungary, I moved to The
Hague to begin my Baroque and Classical violin studies at the
Royal Conservatory in the class of Kati Debretzeni and Walter
Reiter. Besides of being a performer, I started my teaching career in
2017 which I do with great pleasure and inspiration. Currently I
give private lessons but my dream – besides performing – is to
evolve a music school with fellow colleagues. I am happy to become
a member of the Mooof community and hoping for future
collaborations with artist within and outside of my field.


Healthy & Relax

Sporttherapeut en masseur. Hierbij hoop ik mensen te kunnen helpen bij hun (sport gerelateerde) klachten aan het bewegingsapparaat en het verlichten van stress en spanningsklachten.


Ferry van der Woude



Artefact Performance & Andrew Hopper



Gelukzoekers Media

Stand-up Comedy


De DJ Coach

Coachen en begeleiden op het gebied van DJ-en en Produceren


Hidde Kramer en Fine Tune Music

Hidde Kramer is a versatile composer and music producer.

His work includes instrumental music, music for film & television, and music for theatre.


WestWest Production

West West Production is a small studio based in the Mooof building in The Hague Netherlands. We have 2 studio so it’s possible to record, produce, mix and master your ideas/tracks for every budget.


Eglé Petrošiūté

Singer Egle Petrosiute is a performing artist and a music teacher. Her studio is her and her students’ music lab. If you want to learn singing jazz, latin, pop, R&B, musical or pop-rock, she will be happy to teach you. She also helps those who are interested with song writing, music theory and piano playing.


JT Inc

Stage direction, Light design, Set design


Animae Film Productions

Animæ is an independent feature film production company. It is our ambition to deliver a positive contribution to society through the art of film.



Met heel veel zorg schuren ze bij ARCOMANIA hout van vier hoeken, naar acht en 16 hoeken, tot, uiteindelijk, een schitterende ronde strijkstok. Onderneming van Helmut Riebl en zijn partners.