Alaia Fonk en Ev Linche Art

Video Procution, Photography & Art Direction

Telling stories is something we live for, especially through video. Short stories about an interesting individual, short branding films, event coverage, even animations from time to time… We take care of the production process from A-Z, from creative thinking to post-production and everything in between. We are there to create new and unique perspectives; let’s live and breathe the things we love most: images.


Eardrum Audio Tech

Platenmaatschappij met label functies


The Stangs

The Stangs is a Beat group from the Hague. By combining influences from the sixties with sounds inspired by the Dutch west coast, they create their own genre called Dune Beat. Expect jangly guitar and organ riffs backed by a melodic bass and swinging drums, yet still leaving room for harmonies with the occasional shout. 


Studio Dalebout

Multimedia produktie – Ik maak (korte) films en clips, nieuwsbrieven, E-magazines, Infographics, flyers en posters.


Strictly Family Business

Strictly Family Business bestaat uit de Haagse HipHop-formatie Frenna, Jandro, KM en Priceless.


Spooky Tunes

Marcel Veenendaal – zanger


Sonja Genu – The Brazilian Voice

My name is Sonia Genú and I am a Brazilian singer, born in Rio de Janeiro, living in the Netherlands. I am an experienced vocal teacher graduated in voice and piano by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with vocal extension studies in the Netherlands.

It’s an old dream of mine to create this vocal musical world, an open space where you can sing freely and with pleasure, explore your vocal talents, various musical styles and develop a free vocal expression based on a solid technique.

From studio to stage, a work to measure, based on your vocal necessities and aims.


Sjors Segaar



Sergey Smirnov



DJ Ruffneck en TM Tower Music

Patrick Van Kerckhoven is considered to be one of the founding father’s of the hardcore sound. He is specifically responsible for initiating the creation of a sub genre of hardcore that became known as “Artcore”.


Nutsville Noice Lab

Hailing from The Hague, The Netherlands, near the NorthSea Beach. My name is Michiel Eilbracht and I’ve been around for some years now, engineering, mixing, mastering, editing, authoring, writing, performing, playing, producing. Started out as a freelance engineer/musician and finally got my own studio for some fifteen years now.


New Dutch Academy

The New Dutch Academy (NDA), established in 2002, is an international award winning orchestra, specialising in early music, performing on authentic instruments. The NDA is known for its engaging and dynamic performances and particularly for bringing newly re-discovered 18th century works onto the concert platform. The NDA is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.